this’ll do

uninteresting picture. road to taganga.

i’m not taking many pictures. i’m suffering from atracofobia and don’t ever want to take out my phone or camera in public. i’m just a little lady walking around by my lonesome, naked and wearing all of my joyas. if i get jumped, i’ll never hear the end of it from my parents. so, i have to settle for car shots, indoor shots, and typical tourist shots taken when i can blend in with the tourist camo. sooner or later i’m sure i’ll be shrouded in a false sense of safety, but for now this is all i got.

there was an aguacero in santa marta today and the streets flooded. a local told me it can flood so bad cars can’t get through. i lived in that before, but what i never experienced was agua negra. parts of san francisco can get pretty stanky after a rain, but raw sewage does not flow down the street, through playing children and stray dogs, and into the ocean. it didn’t even rain that hard or long today, and the smell in some places was ridiculous. wearing flip flops in a rainstorm is tropical common sense, but not here.


when i come back to live here next week, i’m gonna pick up some of my empties and other garbage items with fundacion calipso on the regs. and kick it with kids and make some shit. like this bag of bags made by women in taganga.

obligatory taganga fisherman photo.

you can swim in this beach. it’s not recommended to swim in santa marta due to decades of negligence by the port and the government. a total bummer given that i ran away to go swimming every day.

i remember swimming in santa marta beaches decades ago. the waves were so round and slow rolling you thought it would make you seasick. now it might make you sick for different reasons. from what i’ve been told, government corruption and adult citizen apathy/distraction/poverty have led to this state. local efforts to clean up neighborhood trash are often sneered at by other locals; brief lessons in composting as a business enterprise create little interest; even youth made recycled art and garbage cans are treated with hostility and destroyed. oye, pero que le pasa a mi gente?


About trying not to touch anything

living in a space where i am half packed, or half unpacked, depending on how you look at it; going somewhere else; wanting to write about my misadventures on a planet i don't feel like i should be on

2 responses to “this’ll do”

  1. SB says :

    “the money i save from this i will use to buy a ticket to the arctic where i will set fire to the glaciers myself, and beat baby seals.” Funny. (Evidence: laugh-tear sliding out side of my eyeball.)

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